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red chalk

Red Chalk

On Schooling, Capitalism & Politics


Foreward by PAULA ALLMAN

Mike Cole Dave Hill
Mike Cole Dave Hill

Our collective idea was that this booklet would enable us to start a dialogue about educational reform by situating the political project that animates our lives in our lived experience as educational activists

"Dave, Mike, Glenn, and Paula have, in distinctly creative ways, used Marxist theory to re-direct current educational debates in the theatre of educational critique."

Peter McLaren
(University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

"this exciting conversation amongst four of the world's most committed and significant critical / radical educators. This publication (which began as an interview but reads much more like a conversation or discussion) demonstrates poignantly that education has the potential to fuel the flames of resistance to global capitalism, as well as the passion for socialist transformation."

Paula Allman
(Nottingham University, UK)

"Red Chalk was an exciting read... I was moved by the form of it, the debate, the concerns..."

Kevin Harris
(Macquarie University, NSW, Australia)

glen Rikowski peter McLaren
Glenn Rikowski Peter McLaren


Gang of Five
A preface by Peter Mclaren
Education on Fire!
A foreword by Paula Allman
The Four
Biographical details on Cole, Hill, Rikowski & McLaren
The Discussion
Marxist Educational Theory
Class, 'Race' and Global Capital
Politics and the Labour Party
Hillcole Group of Radical Left Educators
The Educational Left in the UK
The Third Way, Globalisation and Seattle
Rikowski on Marxist Educational Theory
Hill on Structuralist neo-Marxism and Political Agency
Cole on Globalisation and What Goes On in Schools
Key Issues for Teachers in State Schools
Education Action Zones
Market Socialism
What Next for the Three?
Key Texts

ISBN 0-9522042-0-5

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